Why is Cryopreservation Important to Endangered Native Plants?

Cryopreservation, a method of storing tissues in liquid nitrogen, is becoming increasingly important to rare plant conservation. This is because many plant species, including large groups such as oaks, orchids, and bryophytes, are unable to be stored long term using more traditional seed banking methods. 使用超低温保存技术,研究人员能够保存更多的农作物[…]

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Why is Cryopreservation So Interesting?

植物保护主义者发现,许多植物无法使用传统的种子银行技术进行储存. To address this issue, researchers are exploring the use of cryopreservation, the storing of tissues in liquid nitrogen, to preserve exceptional species. In this video scientists Daniela Impe, Christina Walters, and Karin Van Der Walt explain how they […]

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Probing Life and Death in the Glassy State of Cryopreserved Seeds, Fern Spores and Pollen: Fundamental Research to Optimize Ex Situ Preservation

Screenshot of Probing Life and Death in the Glassy State of Cryopreserved Seeds, Fern Spores and Pollen video

Dani Ballesteros, Christina Walters, Hugh W. Pritchard Royal Botanic Gardens Kew, Wellcome Trust Millennium Building, United Kingdom, United States Department of Agriculture., United States Often various plant propagules (e.g., seeds, 花粉和蕨类植物孢子可以在零度以下干燥(或部分干燥)的环境中保存很长一段时间. Under such conditions the cell cytoplasm […]

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Meera Das*, Reema Diengdoh, Seram Devika, Suman Kumaria, North-Eastern Hill University, Shillong, India, *Speaker North-east India, being one of the global hot-spots, is considered the richest reservoir of diverse plant genetic resources. However, the vast utilities of plant species in medicines, ornamentals, fragrances, 城市化和非法获取植物遗传爱赢平台app对[…]有巨大影响。

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Cryo Biotechnology for Somatic Embryos of Agave Tequilana Cv. Chato: An Endangered Genetic Resource

Screenshot of Cryo Biotechnology for Somatic Embryos of Agave Tequilana Cv. Chato: An Endangered Genetic Resource video

Lourdes Delgado-Aceves, Maria T. Gonzalez- Arnao, Liberato Portillo, Raquel Folgado, CUCBA-University of Guadalajara, University of Veracruz, The Huntington Library, Art Collections and Botanical Gardens Agave tequilana cv. chato is an important resource widely used to produce a very emblematic and popular Mexican beverage called mezcal; however, its wild populations are currently severely degraded due to […]

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Megan Philpott, Valerie PenceL*, Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden, 对全球植物多样性的威胁迫使世界各地的物种迁地收集的需要. However, the subset of species known as exceptional plants are often overlooked. These species produce few or no seeds or produce recalcitrant seeds. The Center for Conservation and […]

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Manuela Nagel, Hans-Peter Mock, Markus Kuhlmann, Johanna Stock Leibniz Institute of Plant Genetics and Crop Plant Research (IPK), 德国植物超低温保存是植物无性繁殖遗传爱赢平台app的后备爱赢平台app. 低温保存过程代表了一个复杂的应激反应机制的模型. During cryopreservation, meristematic tissues have to cope with several stresses including mechanical, osmotic and […]

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木瓜种子(Carica Papaya)在低温条件下短期和长期贮藏的反应视频截图

Christina Walters, Jennifer Crane, Lisa Hill,美国农业部., USDA-ARS Seeds of papaya (Carica papaya) are tolerant to desiccation, but they are quickly damaged when stored at -5 to -20C. The seeds have a high lipid content that reflect “tropical oils,” which are high in saturated and mono-unsaturated fatty acids. Differential Scanning Calorimetry […]

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Towards Long-Term Storage Of Wheat Pollen

Screenshot of Southern Appalachia Bog Learning Network video

Daniela Impe, Daniel Ballesteros, Till Ischebeck, Claudia Köpnick, Hardy Rolletschek, Michael Melzer, Manuela Nagel, Leibniz Institute of Plant Genetics and Crop Plant Research (IPK) Germany, Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, United Kingdom, Department of Plant Biochemistry, Georg-August University Göttingen, 花粉的超低温保存是用来保存和交换植物遗传爱赢平台app的核基因和[…]

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新西兰极度濒危树木合子胚胎超低温保存截图, Syzygium maire video

Karin Van Der Walt, Jayanthi Nadarajan, David J Burritt, Peter Kemp, Otari Native Botanic Garden – Wellington City Council & Massey University New Zealand, The New Zealand Institute for Plant and Food Research Limited, University of Otago, Massey University The pandemic pathogen, 桃金娘锈病(Austropuccinia psidii)于2017年在新西兰被发现,现在已经[…]

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Assessment of Genetic Stability During Cryopreservation of Vanilla (V. planifolia) Shoot-tips Using ISSR Markers

香草超低温保存遗传稳定性评估截图(V. planifolia) Shoot-tips Using ISSR Markers video

Maria Teresa Gonzalez-Arnao, Pedro Isidro-Adolfo, Maria F. NetzahualcoyotlMata, Lourdes G. Iglesias Andreu, Jaime Martínez-Castillo, University of Veracruz, INBIOTECA, CICY,  In this study we used six selected ISSR primers (T05, T06, C07, UBC823, UBC825, UBC848) to evaluate the genetic stability during cryopreservation of vanilla (V. 采用PVS2溶液进行液滴玻璃化(D-V)处理的平叶树(planifolia)茎尖脱水. We […]

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蔗糖预培养在鳄梨超低温保存中的应用.) Cultivar ‘Velvick’

用蔗糖预培养冷冻保存鳄梨(Persea americana Mill)的截图.) Cultivar ‘Velvick’ video

Chris O’Brien, Jayeni Hiti Bandaralage, Raquel Folgado, Sean Lahmeyer, Alice Hayward, Neena Mitter Queensland Alliance for Agriculture and Food Innovation, The University of Queensland, Australia The Huntington Library, Art Collections and Botanical Gardens, San Marino, CA., 澳大利亚的牛油果产业价值超过5.57亿美元,产量超过77个,000t. The genetic diversity of […]

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Cryopreserving Clonal Crops: Increasing Processing Efficiency in Genebanks


Gayle Volk, USDA ARS National Laboratory for Genetic Resources Preservation, United States The USDA-ARS National Plant Germplasm System has over 30,000 clonally maintained accessions within its field, screenhouse, greenhouse, and tissue culture collections. These fruit, nut, tuber, 鳞茎作物收集通常不会在次要位置重复,而且容易受到生物的影响, abiotic, and climatic threats. Only about 15% of […]

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Shin-Ichi Yamamoto, Genetic Resources Center, 国家农业和食品研究组织(NARO)国家农业和食品研究组织(NARO)进行Genebank项目收集, conserving, evaluating, multiplying and distributing plants (228,198 accessions), microorganisms (35,407 acc.), animals (1,971 acc.) and DNA materials (394,440 clones) related to agriculture since 1985. The Genetic Resources Center, NARO (NGRC) coordinates […]

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The Frozen Zoo® of San Diego Zoo Global: Past, Present, and Future


Dr. Oliver Ryder, Barbara Durrant, Marlys L. Houck, Marisa Korody, Cynthia Steiner, Institute for Conservation Research, 圣地亚哥动物园全球冷冻储存活的组织培养细胞在圣地亚哥动物园, named the “Frozen Zoo® by its founder, Kurt Benirschke, 从1975年开始就为保护科学和物种恢复贡献了知识. This […]

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